For many years my brother had a wholesaler in Ukraine along with his wife.
When the war threatened I (Stephan), together with my brother (Manuel), it decided to continue here in the Netherlands under the name Industrial Hunters and all the stock.

In Ukraine we have a large shed in Kiev in which we reflect the furniture that we often found in old factories and houses.

It is a huge challenge to find the super cool items and on the way we come across the most beautiful stuff.

Our goal is to find as many beautiful items as possible and to join a favorable and honest price so that the furniture and lamps are not thrown away but are recycled and thereby blowing a new life into the old items.

Because we also restore the old lamps, they are used safely and immediately suitable for. Sometimes we have not restored items, this is clearly stated.
Because we have your own sandblasting machine we can not only coat the furniture, but also the lamps of sandblasting and as desired.
During the restoration we ensure both new secure wiring and a new fitting if it appears to be necessary. We also do a ball so that you can immediately enjoy the lamp.
For extra atmosphere we recommend purchasing the Calex lamp. These are with the item.

In recent years we have met many nice customers who are enthusiastic piece for piece of mega as they see the items. And let's be honest, it is also a great profession!

Take the time to look through our website. There is something fun inequalities!
We are looking for many stuff to order and through our local contacts in Ukraine and people who search for us we can often find the desired items.
So do you have a wish or are you looking for a product? Don't hesitate to contact us.

We can be reached via telephone or whatsApp at 0183-234 070 or via email at


Stéphan and Manuel